Murano Bulb

The iconic shape of the classic light bulb in a new key


“I look like a Chandelier, but I am a Bulb!”

The Murano Bulb project designed by Marcantonio for Multiforme evokes the iconic shape of the classic light bulb in a new key. A jewel that makes reflections and colours its peculiarity.

The blown glass body is carefully decorated with evocative and original colours and shapes from the Murano craft tradition, making each Murano Bulb a unique and unrepeatable piece. The artistic and artisanal memory is at the heart of the project that celebrates the historicity and iconicity of light.


A creative liaison shining a light on the artisanal tradition of Made in Italy and the memory it bears in celebrating unique craftmanship.



Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in 1976 in Massalombarda, Italy. He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts. Just graduated he begins to work in the  theater scene and collaborating with architects on projects. Soon he begins to create unique pieces of design in parallel with a production of art, but step by step the two careers are beginning to become contaminated. So its design is enriched with artistic concepts.

For over 10 years he worked for private or local public realizes. Connections between Man and Nature are his favourite theme; interpreting both dynamics and beauties of nature; showing the Man’s attitude affecting the original. He loves thinking about his work as a direct continuation of what he used to do when he was a child, playing with everything he finds, and create what his mind imagined. Actually, looking for the aesthetic component and concept, takes ideas from the same sources he created while playing, daydreaming with everything normally surrounds him.  He learned from Art how an idea could be elegant, that’s why he’s always looking for pure concepts and summary.


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A peculiar Murano glass light bulb

The functionality of a classic light bulb, presented in a new key.

The Murano glass body is blown by hand in the Murano tradition.

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Murano Bulb at Milan Design Week

The revolutionary simplicity of a light bulb acquires a new light thanks to the distinctiveness and beauty of Murano glass.

A unique work of art, presented exclusively in the Pianegonda boutique during Milan Design Week.



How did you come up with this product idea in the first place ?

I always try to use subjects from memory and to reinterpret them, giving them a new value. In this case the idea was born from the love for Murano glass craftsmanship and the memory of the light bulb, the icon of lighting, by combining these two essences “Murano Bulb” was born.

It seemed fantastic to me to have a “simple” light bulb that had glass processing directly on its glass surface, instead of buying a chandelier you can screw the Murano Bulb wherever you prefer, it is a precious object that becomes pop.

How was the name conceived and what does it mean?

Well I would say that it is quite descriptive and actually simply expresses the concept, it describes what it is, a Murano bulb.

How the idea evolved once it became real?

This is one of the happy cases in which the product surpasses expectations, this process has a very fascinating intrinsic aesthetic, it can be seen that they have been made by those who have mastered this tradition for some time.

Are you satisfied with the result? How much is it detached from the theoretical project and how much interesting was born right in the production process?

Very satisfied! A very nice thing that was born during the creative process is the possibility of disassembling the attachment of the Murano Bulbs to change the LED inside the bulb, a not insignificant possibility, also in this case the technological resources of Multiforme were ready to solve the project at its best.

What is light for you and how do you like to manage it in your projects?

The luminous object has a higher magic than the rest of the objects, the fact that it can be turned on gives it a life of its own, a variation of the “on-off” state which I personally am very fond of, turning on a light changes the atmosphere, that’s why in most cases when I think of a project I think of a light.

If you had to think of a soundtrack that represents the product, which song would you choose? Or what artist?

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamond” by The Beatles.

What did you like in particular in the collaboration with Multiforme?

The positivity and speed of execution; as they are manufacturer they have a direct contact with the material and with the possible variables that lead to the improvement of an idea!

If you could place your product anywhere in the world , what would be the perfect place?

I have two favorite places, one is hanging from the ceiling with a cotton cable and a simple lamp holder, perhaps on the tables in a club or above the counter.

Then I’d like to try to mount a Murano Bulb on a lamp with a completely different style, maybe a minimal lamp or even an architect’s one like the springs, or maybe a very simple chandelier.

Is there a project you haven’t done yet and you dream of realizing in the future?

Ah! There are incredibly many more projects that I dream of realizing than those I’ve already done despite the fact that there are so many of them!

Who are 3 personalities of the 20th century who have influenced your vision of the world?

Lupin the third, Ingo Maurer and Monty Python.


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