new lighting catalogue by MULTIFORME

A new catalogue is online, it includes the new lighting collections by MULTIFORME and some new versions of our bestsellers products.

Addendum is the new lighting catalogue by MULTIFORME®. It is dedicated to the new blown glass lighting collections designed by MULTIFORME® during this year and to new versions of some products in the Lighting catalogue.

The catalogue includes all the latest venetian glass chandelier and suspension lights by MULTIFORME®, including the lighting collections presented at Euroluce 2017. But in Addendum you can also find new versions of some of the items in our Lighting Catalogue, characterized by new colours, dimension and number of lights.

Both our production lines – the classic and the modern one – have been renewed with new lighting works.

Timeless, the line dedicated to the classic Murano chandeliers, has been enriched with lighting works that combine the typical shapes of the venetian tradition with a modern and essential design. This is especially evident in collections such as Serenade, Tourbillon and Melisanda.

The Progressive line represents the creative spirit of MULTIFORME®: the new design Murano chandeliers and suspension lights have been designed with the aim of meet the various needs of our clients, and to become the real protagonists of the spaces in which they are placed. The new blown glass design lighting works in Addendum include also some modular suspension lights, such as Polaris and Infinity: these lighting works have been developed starting from a single glass element, characterized by a bright and precious finishing.

The overall effect is extremely elegant; at the same time these are lighting works that can be easily customised, this make them particularly suitable for projects in the contract sector. Other Murano glass lighting works in Addendum are characterized by an original design, in which the harmony of the overall structure is obtained using asymmetrical and irregular elements.

Discover all the latest lighting collections by downloading the new lighting catalogue Addendum.