Stick insect lamp

Stick Insect with Sugo Creations at Fuorisalone

A versatile and surprising lamp at Milan Design Week

In the bustling heart of the Superdesign Show, during Milan Design Week, the installation by Creazione SUGO catalysed the attention of visitors.

Within the exhibition space “One 4 All,” designer Kevin Chu presented Stick Insect, a lamp designed in collaboration with Multiforme, which stands out for its functional flexibility and aesthetics accessible to any type of user.

A striking installation in which the design integrates elements representing both the strong contrast of dry tree trunks and the liveliness of live plants, thus symbolising the duality of recycling and regeneration.

Thanks to its futuristic design and surprising versatility, this lamp captured the public’s imagination, transforming the surrounding space into a unique and engaging sensory experience.