Forest: table lamp

Design by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati

One of the most recent collections developed by Multiforme was exhibited during the Venice Design Week 2021. It is “Forest” table lamp, conceived and designed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati and realised in synergy with Multiforme.

Venice Design Week is a popular event that takes place annually and grows in symbiosis with the city that hosts it. The exhibitions take place in calli and campielli, private galleries and museums, artists’ homes and studios, shops, workshops and hotels.

An unmissable opportunity for connection and dialogue between established and emerging designers, international companies, craftsmen, architects and a curious and passionate public. The 2021 edition had as its main theme the concept of ‘Design for All’ and covered the city of Venice from 9 to 17 October.

We have chosen to present Forest table lamp because of its ability to enlighten details of workmanship typical of blown glass, revealing all its artistic potential. It is a unique product, in which the canonical sequence of the various traditional components (lampshade, stem, base) is reinterpreted in a new product.

The profile of the lamp is vaguely reminiscent of a stylised tree, with a glass base that recalls the cylindrical trunk that opens to support the foliage above. The slightly different heights modify the profile of the tree, making it more or less slender.

The traditional truncated cone lampshade does not have a bulb in the centre but is illuminated by the light diffused by the glass below. The lampshade can also be interpreted as a large vase for storing objects: simple dried flowers, river pebbles or scented candles.

As for the choice of colours, it was decided to combine the classic transparent crystal with darker shades: brown, octanium blue and burgundy. The coloured lampshades illuminated from below are exceptionally luminous, embellished by the reverberations of the textures derived from the craftsmanship: ballotton, rigadin and twisted rigadin.

The location: Hotel Luna Baglioni

The location chosen for Forest’s installation during the VDW was the relax room on the ground floor of the Hotel Luna Baglioni in Venice. A charming and fascinating place, with large windows overlooking the Grand Canal just behind the famous Piazza San Marco.

We decided to display Forest lamps in crystal, brownish brown and octanium blue, placing them on the grand piano and on a few small tables. The simple shapes of these lamps perfectly complemented the classic style of the room, with the warm tones of the marble and fabrics.

At nightfall, with the ambient light more subdued, Forest’s illuminated base made the preciousness of the glass texture even more striking, with its glow projected into the surrounding environment.

The Designers speak: interview with Romani Saccani Architetti Associati

During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet the designers Romani Saccani Architetti Associati again, who gave an interview on their project created together with Multiforme. Let us therefore leave it to their words to further investigate Forest.

A stylised tree, a vase illuminated by the glass below in which to store objects, a table lamp.
Forest is all this: the reinterpretation of the canonical relationship between lampshade stem and base, in a new design product.

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