The emotion of an immersive room


Design by Marcantonio

MARCANTONIO’s latest creation for MULTIFORME is called Murano Bulb. Murano glass artistry and the iconic quality of light bulbs combine to create an extraordinary furnishing item that can be anything your mind can conjure up and not only a chandeliers or light bulbs.

This priceless design piece, which originated from Marcantonio’s creativity and his passion for working with Murano glass, finds room and expression in a setting that simultaneously highlights its most remarkable and recognizable feature.

We are within the massive Venitian headquarted of DFS, luxury brands retail wordwide leader, which is by the “Fondaco dei Tedeschi” building, located in Venice along the Grand Canal.

There are two entrances that are framed by golden outlines, serving as portals to cross into a magical place that is flooded with light and iconic shapes made of Murano glass.

The space is filled with bulbs that serve as colorful, evocative, and versatile jewels, all unique in their unrepeatable craftsmanship.

The Murano Bulb is a light bulb that aims to be a chandelier, maintaining simplicity of use and ease of adaptability into multiple furnishing forms.

You can visit the immersive room dedicated to the Murano Bulb until Christmas

at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice

The designer Marcantonio will be present for a meet and greet on Saturday, December 16