Tegnùe: best green lamp for VSLA2022

Best green lamp “Tegnùe” Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2022 Sustainability and beauty The idea of creating a luminous body in collaboration between HENRY & CO., Multiforme and Gin Mare was born from the union of multiple wills. First of all, the crisis of raw materials has rekindled attention on the value of the material itself: […]

A unique piece in Murano glass: Cosmic Flaming Frida

Cosmic Flaming Frida “blow” Fuorisalone 2022 A unique piece in Murano glass for Fuorisalone 2022 On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022, Artemest presented BLOW: a collection of unique Murano glass pieces in collaboration with Bradley Theodore. Working hand in hand with the artist, the best Italian craftsmen and master glassmakers have created true works of […]

Over-size chandeliers, rich of poetry and art

Over-size chandeliers new collections rich of poetry and art Multiforme’s soul lies in a continuous change, in a research that incessantly creates new forms and images of light. The novelties experimented during 2021 are embodied in collections that are important in terms of size, with a strong scenic impact and innovative in their use of […]

Forest, Venice Design Week 2021

FOREST VENICE DESIGN WEEK 2021 Forest: table lamp Design by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati One of the most recent collections developed by Multiforme was exhibited during the Venice Design Week 2021. It is “Forest” table lamp, conceived and designed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati and realised in synergy with Multiforme. Venice Design Week is a […]

Light that builds and creates architecture: Hydiscus

HYDISCUS Light that builds and creates architecture: Hydiscus Abandoning the concept of lighting only, the artistic chandelier Hydiscus wants to be an architectural installation that stands out for its emotional and scenic presence. The huge number of wavy discs, handcrafted in blown glass according to the ancient techniques of master glassmakers, recalls the lightness of […]

Magazine “Crystal” by MULTIFORME® lighting

MAGAZINE “CRYSTAL” MULTIFORME® lighting Issue n.5° – MULTIFORME® lighting magazine Crystal collection: Exclusive chandeliers handcrafted with the finest materials In this new issue of the Magazine MULTIFORME® the Crystal collection is synonimous of luxury, charm and splendour. Once these chandeliers are switched on a multitude of glares spread in the surrounding space Our crystal chandeliers […]

Magazine “Dancer” by MULTIFORME® lighting

MAGAZINE “DANCER” LIGHTING MAGAZINE ISSUE N°3 The Dancer collection is the moving spirit of this third issue of Multiforme Magazine Dancer is one of our interpretations of the traditional crystal and glass chandeliers. Composed by a cascade of tiny glass elements of different shapes reminds the fringes typical of the 20’s fashion: thin glass foils, drop-shaped elements and […]

Magazine “Absolute” by MULTIFORME® lighting

MAGAZINE “ABSOLUTE” LIGHTING MAGAZINE ISSUE N°4 In this 4th issue of MULTIFORME® Magazine the Absolute collection creates emotional, magic, charming lighting effects. Absolute is a modern, eclectic collection that can be customised in many different ways.It mixes the magic of the Murano Glass with a simple platonic shape as the sphere. The dimensions of the traditional cotton lampshade, where inside the light sources […]

Magazine “Chimera” by MULTIFORME® lighting

MAGAZINE “CHIMERA” The Chimera collection is the protagonist of this second issue of the Multiforme Magazine The Chimera collection reflects the trend of the 60s when art and design wanted to integrate creative inspiration, talent, genius, with everyday life. At the time, the great desire was to experiment new shapes and colors to create timeless […]

Magazine “Chapeau” by MULTIFORME® lighting

MAGAZINE “CHAPEAU” LIGHTING MAGAZINE, ISSUE N°1 NEWS! MULTIFORME® lighting Magazine This brochure has been realized with a layout as if it were a magazine. It wants to be a practical and immediate tool in which the product is told from its idea, project until the realization. Pleasant to browse like a design magazine, it wants […]