Cosmic Flaming Frida


Fuorisalone 2022

A unique piece in Murano glass for Fuorisalone 2022

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022, Artemest presented BLOW: a collection of unique Murano glass pieces in collaboration with Bradley Theodore. Working hand in hand with the artist, the best Italian craftsmen and master glassmakers have created true works of art with a Caribbean theme, inspired by Bradley Theodore’s childhood in Turks & Caicos and evoking themes dear to him such as sea animals, corals and tropical fruits.

Thus Cosmic Flaming Frida was born in our creative workshop: a laser-engraved mirror in a rainbow of colours, emphasised by the presence of a backlit halo in Murano glass.

When Artemest proposed to us to interpret the poetics of Bradley Theodore in a handcrafted way, we were immediately stimulated and captivated by his enormous expressive power. The artistic language of the American artist gives life to new icons that to our eyes appear imbued with mysticism.
Cosmic Flaming Frida was born precisely from this feeling: Frida has become a sacred, absolute and universal image, a solemn star embraced by luminous flames, in which we can all mirror ourselves.

Italian craftsmanship meets international artists

The encounter/clash between the artist’s disruptive creativity and the craftsmanship of the Murano artisans has contributed to the creation of an eclectic and provocative universe. In a world where everything is considered design -from a toothbrush to a work of art –Bradley Theodore launches a provocation at the artisans of Murano, overcoming the idea of “culture clash” and creating an imaginary bridge between contemporary art and tradition.
The experience is articulated through Theodore’s kaleidoscopic vision and sees symbols of traditional Murano craftsmanship – decorated mirrors, Rezzonico-style chandeliers and souvenirs de Venise – contrasting and at the same time communicating with colours and shapes typical of the artist’s culture.

Bradley Theodore:

Based between Miami Beach and New York City, Bradley Theodore is a multidisciplinary artist whose iconoclastic approach to art can be found internationally, from 10-foot murals on the streets of New York, Tokyo and Milan, to sold-out solo exhibitions in London.