Best green lamp


Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2022

Sustainability and beauty

The idea of creating a luminous body in collaboration between HENRY & CO., Multiforme and Gin Mare was born from the union of multiple wills. First of all, the crisis of raw materials has rekindled attention on the value of the material itself: a renewed sensitivity that is doubly linked to the concept of sustainability, to the need to reuse and rediscover beauty in what was once considered waste.

In parallel with the desire to support this message, Multiforme’s reuse of Murano glass scraps is intended to highlight the eclecticism and know-how of the furnace, revealing all the variety and complexity that the company manages on a daily basis.


Inspiration: the sea and corals

The focus on sustainability is not just a market fad but a fundamental requirement for any industrial product in the 21st century. Designing according to people’s needs and desires is no longer enough: one must extend one’s considerations to the entire ecosystem. By doing so, it is possible to discover a new value in what was previously considered waste and rediscover the beauty of the imperfect and the heterogeneous: an eclectic and multicoloured sea of products and materials hitherto discarded.

Our concept was born from this idea of the sea between Capri and Venice: Tegnùe, like the corals on the seabed of Venice that cling to the rocks and ‘hold’ the fishermen’s nets.

The concept consists in an upcycling project that sees the integration of a luminous body to a bottle of the iconic Neapolitan brand ‘Gin Mare’, embellished with a shower of coloured gems made from the production waste of the historic Murano glass furnace ‘Multiforme’, which rest on its surface like a coral and symbiotic organism.

Dealing with an object as recognised as it is iconic as the Gin Mare bottle, the design intervention could not conceal, mask or excessively alter the shape of the original product. For this reason, rather than technical difficulty, the upcycling operation required a high level of sensitivity and delicacy, integrating small coloured glass gems with balance and harmony.

For the realisation of the concept, only waste glass from the Multiforme furnace and a cork was used, inside which a housing was created to accommodate the strictly LED light body.
By re-moulding the waste glass, it was possible to apply it again to the rough surface of the bottle, creating a firm and permanent assembly.

Tegnùe: best green lamp for VSLA2022

Tegnùe ha vinto il premio come miglior lampada green all’edizione 2022 del Venetian Smart Lighting Award.

Il responso della giuria:
“Il concetto è molto legato al territorio e si ispira alle tradizioni del vetro di Murano. La novità e l’unicità dell’idea sta nel divertimento di combinare componenti nuovi e riciclati. E’ un’applicazione dove nulla si spreca ma tutto si ricicla e si trasforma. Piace perché sembra quasi un gioco, è originale, simpatica e giocosa. Questa lampada green fa pensare all’estate, all’idea di essere in un’isola ed alla voglia di dissetarsi.”