Wedding – Venice

Wedding – Venice Crystal chandeliers rental – Venice MULTIFORME® offers also a service of crystal chandeliers rental for wedding and other events: Murano glass chandeliers and crystal chandeliers, but also candlesticks and other decorative crystal products for events. For this wedding in Venice, MULTIFORME® has rented several crystal chandeliers and table lamps, but also other […]

Interiors in Milan

INTERIORS – MILAN Decorative lighting products – Milan MULTIFORME® works together with important interior designers, developing luxury interior design projects. For these projects, MULTIFORME® designs and produces decorative lighting products in Murano blown glass. The interior design project for this building in Milan has been an important one. The luxurious furnitures are characterized by classic […]

Private house – Moscow

Private house – Moscow Classic crystal lighting – Moscow MULTIFORME® has developed the lighting project for a private house in Moscow, a large villa decorated with classic furnitures. To match the style of the furnitures, the customer have chosen some classic crystal lighting works form our Crystal catalogue; these are lighting works re-elaborated in modern […]

Chalet – Cortina

CHALET – CORTINA Crystal chandelier for the living room of a chalet in Cortina. The living room of a chalet in Cortina D’Ampezzo, one of the most suggestive and famous locations in the Alps, can appear even more exclusive and bright if we find a special and unique chandelier hanging from the ceiling, just like […]

Private house – Dubai

Private house – Dubai Venetian style blown glass chandelier – Dubai This private house was characterized by large rooms and high decorated ceilings. A majestic building, that needs to be enlighten with majestic lighting works. MULTIFORME® has thus designed and produced for this house several venetian style blown glass chandeliers; each chandelier is a bespoke […]

Museum – Asti

MUSEUM – ASTI Murano glass extra large chandelier – Asti MULTIFORME® is specialized in the manufacturing of Murano glass extra large chandeliers; the monumental chandeliers are often required for important public projects, to enlighten large rooms. The custom lighting project that MULTIFORME® has developed for a museum in Asti is one of these projects. To […]

Public Library – Mantova

PUBLIC LIBRARY – MANTOVA Murano glass chandeliers restoration MULTIFORME® not only manufactures decorative lighting products, but also restores Murano glass chandeliers, ancient chandelier and historic chandeliers. Thanks to its knowledge in the field of the Murano glass chandeliers restoration, MULTIFORME® has taken part into the restoration of the Public Library Teresiana in Mantova, a building of high […]

Private palace – Paris

PRIVATE PALACE – PARIS Decorative lighting crystal murano glass – Paris MULTIFORME® has produced some products of decorative lighting in crystal and Murano glass for this private building in Paris. The stairwell is a zone characterized by a remarkable height and a reduced width. Here, a long ceiling crystal lamp has been placed. The crystal […]

Church – Bergamo

CHIESA – BERGAMO Murano chandeliers restoration for a church in Bergamo. When it comes to restore monumental, ancient and precious chandeliers, the experience, ability, and skills that only the glass artisans and masters own, become fundamental factors to determine the success of a restoration work as well as to faithfully reproduce broken spare parts of […]

Hotel – Rome

HOTEL – ROMA Extra large crystal chandelier – Rome MULTIFORME® has developed many hotel lighting projects, for each project MULTIFORME® has designed and produced the decorative lighting products. Often, for the hotel lighting, extra large crystal chandeliers are required: the empire style chandelier is one of the best model in case of high ceiling. Moreover, […]