Private house – Milan

RESIDENZA PRIVATA – MILANO Lighting design project – Milan MULTIFORME® has collaborated with a design studio, for an important lighting design project for a private villa near Milan. MULTIFORME® has designed and produced the decorative lighting products for this project. The lighting works realised for this project are magniloquent, mostly extra-large lighting works, they have […]

Club – Pordenone

CLUB – PORDENONE Crystal lighting project – Pordenone MULTIFORME® has designed and produced the lighting works for a Club in Pordenone. For this crystal lighting project, some collection from the Crystal catalogue have been used. The lighting works chosen for this project differ in shape and structure, but they have a common factor – the […]

Villa – Moscow

VILLA – MOSCA Handcrafted custom chandeliers – Moscow The venetian style blown glass chandeliers are the ideal solution for the decoration of villas and large private house, especially when these are decorated with classic furnitures. It is the case of this private house in Moscow, for which MULTIFORME® has manufactured the decorative lighting products: several […]

Apartment – Berlin

APPARTAMENTO – BERLINO Wall lamp and contemporary chandelier for a flat in Berlin. To furnish this flat in the heart of Berlin the client chose to combine our contemporary chandelier Space Age with matching wall light to a classic/chic furnishing style. The result is an extremely bright envinroment, where neutral tones are lit by a compact, cold […]

Private House – Treviso

ABITAZIONE PRIVATA – TREVISO Swarovski® crystal chandeliers for a private villa in Treviso. A work of modern architecture sorrounded by the green envinroment in the province of Treviso, with minimal furniture and squared shapes. A tailor-made villa created by following customer’s requests. Two MULTIFORME® chandeliers of the CRYSTAL collection have been designed for this house: the first […]

Theatre – Crotone

TEATRO – CROTONE Great decorative chandeliers for the new theatre in Crotone. In the wonderful city of Crotone, located in the extreme South of Italy, MULTIFORME® carried out the great monumental chandeliers that will welcome artists and spectators in the entrance hall of the new municipal theater “Warner Bentivegna”. MULTIFORME®’s experience in restoring and creating […]

Luxury offices – Cyprus

LUXURY OFFICES – CIPRO Ceiling light for the entrance of an exclusive office complex in Cyprus. An important office complex located on the beaches of the island of Cyprus entrusted MULTIFORME® to develop its lighting products with the final aim of making their entrance unique. To carry out this project the client has chosen our Charleston […]

Showroom – Marrakech

SHOWROOM – MARRAKECH Venetian chandeliers for a showroom in Marrakech, Morocco. An important commercial reality of Marrakech specialised in Made in Italy chose to exhibit in its showroom some of our MULTIFORME® Venetian chandeliers together with other great brands of Italian products and furniture. A decision guided and adopted due to the great quality and […]

Ristorante Centrale – Moscow

RISTORANTE CENTRALE – MOSCA Classic Wall Lights and Venetian Chandelier for Luxury Restaurant in Moscow The “Ristorante Centrale”, located in the luxurious and well-known district of Deauville, at 10 km from Moscow, has chosen for its main hall a custom version of the Edgar Venetian chandelier and some Simplicissimus 360 wall lights by MULTIFORME® lighting, all characterised by a 19th century, French inspired […]

Four Seasons Hotel – Cyprus

FOUR SEASONS HOTEL – CIPRO Contract lighting for the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel in Cyprus When Four Seasons Hotel® are mentioned, one imagines the prestige and luxury standards that are always associated to the name of this exclusive hotel chain with more than 100 hotels and resorts around the world. Hydiscus by MULTIFORME® was born with the aim of maintaining the […]