Palazzo Doria D'Angri, Naples


Our fascinating experience inside a unique Italian historic building

Beauty alone is enough to persuade men's eyes, without the need for speakers - W. Shakespeare

Palazzo Doria D’Angri, one of the most important historic buildings in Naples overlooking Via Toledo, was the protagonist of our lighting project for the company Antica Sartoria Positano.

It lasted more than two years and involved, committed and passionate all the workers in the creation of huge classic chandeliers in blown Murano glass and in Rezzonico style.

Palazzo Doria D’Angri was built in the late 1700s and committed by Marcantonio Doria, descendant of the famous Genoese noble family. The project was carried out by Luigi Vanvitelli, known for the construction of the marvelous Royal Palace in Caserta, and carried out by his son Carlo. On 7th September 1860 from the balcony of the noble floor, Giuseppe Garibaldi, a protagonist of the Italian resurgence, announced to the people the annexation to the nascent Italian state.

This important project, completed in 2020 for the new headquarters of company Antica Sartoria Positano, was the culmination of an ambitious and passionate restoration of the Vanvitellian building by this renowned fashion brand.
Our intervention was developed together with the client, with the aim of enhancing the magnificent interior spaces in a coherent way. We took care of the design, production and installation of the large artistic chandeliers in Murano glass for two entire floors of this building.

Entering the large main door you reach the first hexagonal-shaped courtyard and you are immediately enchanted by the architecture of this historic building which is spread over 3 floors and which has a further top floor with a roof terrace overlooking the city.

Walking along the wide white marble stairs adorned with statues and large windows, you reach the floors where the offices and representative spaces of company Antica Sartoria Positano are located.

The collection of Rezzonico-style chandeliers, made to measure for each single room, illuminates the administrative offices and the most evocative operational spaces, such as the large hall dedicated to the tailoring of samples where, among ready-made clothes, samples, colorful fabrics, many accessories and boxes ready for shipment, dominate three large twin chandeliers from our Caesar collectionmonumental chandeliers in Ca’ Rezzonico style.

For each room of the vast palace, huge classic chandeliers were manufactured with a glass mixture especially produced to be similar to the ancient late-eighteenth-century artifacts. The colors of these works of art have been selected to match best with the colorful decorative elements that cover the surfaces. The particular texture of the Venetian crystal glass, a baloton with a slightly bubble effect, mixed with golden leaf and other mineral colors, create a magical and timeless effect.

Palazzo Doria not only is the operational headquarter of the fashion company Antica Sartoria, it is above all a representative space unique in the world. Room after room, in an exclusive perspective view of beauty and works of art, large Ca ‘Rezzonico chandeliers alternate with multiple levels, oval “boat” chandeliers, cage chandeliers in the typical Venetian style. Also in the secondary spaces such as corridors and bathrooms, special artistic chandeliers have been studied in order to make these rooms cozy and comfortable as well.

Our fascinating experience inside this historic palace in Naples has just ended and we already miss it so much. It was an intense journey into beauty, craftsmanship, art, luxury and elegance.

Collaborating with Antica Sartoria Positano on such an ambitious project, designing and producing, one by one in our factory, such a high selection of Rezzonico style chandeliers to illuminate Palazzo Doria D’Angri was for us at MULTIFORME® an intense and rewarding experience.

We are happy and proud to have given our contribution to the renewal of such a unique space, and mostly to have collaborated with an excellence of the fashion Made in Italy, in Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in the world.
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