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Gran Cafè Napoleon


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Historic soul and modern design: customised lighting solutions

The Grand Café Napoléon in Ajaccio is an elegant place to enjoy gourmet cuisine or pleasant aperitifs and coffee breaks.
Located at 10 Cours Napoléon, opposite the prefecture, the restaurant combines conviviality with integration with the historical monument, creating a synergy between heritage and modernity on the city’s main street.

The imposing Empire-style dining room has a striking furnishig that plays with warm, enveloping tones. Purity, elegance and freedom of forms are the main components of the interior design. The historical element remains evident in the large fresco that runs along the walls and illustrates the coronation of Napoleon I.

Multiple suspensions to decorate spaces with great versatility

Large arched windows illuminate the room and from the high ceiling descend simple and refined multiple suspension lamps with blown Murano glass discs of different sizes. The colours of the glass recall those of the furnishings in a harmonious play of refractions; the discs float in space like a cloud composed of precious, light and enchanting fragments.

For the large hall and bar area, a total of 250 glass discs of various diameters (from 6 to 10 cm) in amber, straw, light grey and clear crystal were used.

Realising completely customised projects, such as this multiple suspension chandelier, in a functional and aesthetic dialogue with ever-changing environments, is one of our favourite challenges.

The compositions we have called MULTITUDES arise from similar requirements. Works of light that float light and free in space. Real glass clouds that come alive with light and transparency, furnishing rooms in a dynamic, creative and intriguing way.

A-tailored made


Architect: Stephane Silvy
Studio: Mawa France
Photo: Mawa France and Jc Luong


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