Restoration of antique chandeliers

Historic Venetian villa

Historic Venetian villa in Palladian style

The location for this project is a splendid villa of 16th-century origin immersed in the countryside between Venice, Padua and Treviso. An enchanting example of a Venetian villa in Palladian style, still lived in and maintained by a noble Venetian family.

Thanks to the passion of the owners, the villa impresses with the perfect state of preservation of all the original furnishings, art objects, frescoes and imposing Venetian stucco works that it houses.

The antique Murano chandelier: a peculiar work from the 18th century

The living room, known as the Chinoiserie, is the owners’ dining room furnished with 18th-century oriental panels and furniture made by Venetian masters in the Levant style, very fashionable at the time.

In the centre of the room is the most precious of the villa’s Murano glass chandeliers: a rare piece with an asymmetrical structure that recalls the shape of a twisted grapevine.

Its structure made entirely of glass, originally without any metal support, is composed of 88 different interlocking elements. Peculiarities that make this Murano chandelier a unique and of inestimable value.

Historic Murano glass chandelier restoration

The family that owns the villa has given us the rare opportunity to restore a true unicum among Venetian Murano glass chandeliers: a workshop proof dating back to the mid 1700s, a prototype that has few equals in literature.

The architecture of the chandelier is articulated around a rezzonico cage with twisted rods, which are alternated with three twisted arms that dialogue with the other three arms grafted onto the ornamental gardens on the first level. This allows, with just a few elements, to create a particularly elaborate and graceful result. Fine decorative elements in polychrome glass paste, such as flowers and bunches of grapes, complete the work.

Our intervention was conservative in nature; we treated with meticulous care the precious original 18th-century components, replacing only those considered dangerous because they were cracked and at risk of falling.


Restoration intervention



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