Crystal lighting project – Pordenone

MULTIFORME® has designed and produced the lighting works for a Club in Pordenone. For this crystal lighting project, some collection from the Crystal catalogue have been used. The lighting works chosen for this project differ in shape and structure, but they have a common factor – the crystal decorations. All the lighting works used are characterized by a modern design, this contributes to the international taste of the whole space.

Three were the crystal lighting collections used for this project. The main large room has been decorated with some Orion suspension lamps; these are lighting works characterized by a regular and neat shape, they are decorated with crystal garlands fixed on both ends.

The hall and the bar have been decorated with some lighting works from the Genesis collection: some floor lamps have been placed near the couches, while a series of suspension lamps enlighten the bar zone.

A third collection have been used for this project, the Crystal Dream collection, which is characterized by irregular crystal garlands.

The crystal lighting work has been the ideal solution for this specific space; they are characterized by a great decorative impact, thus making the lighting works the real protagonists of the space.

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