Great decorative chandeliers for the new theatre in Crotone.

In the wonderful city of Crotone, located in the extreme South of Italy, MULTIFORME® carried out the great monumental chandeliers that will welcome artists and spectators in the entrance hall of the new municipal theater “Warner Bentivegna”.

MULTIFORME®’s experience in restoring and creating great decorative chandeliers for public or scenic environments has made the difference even on this occasion, both for the fast execution and installation services and for the high quality of products.

The chandeliers have three tiers, 24 staggered lights on the first level, 10 lights in the second level and 8 in the third one, for a total of 42 lights. The selected colour is opaque white and the texture used is a “Rigadin”. Each arm of the chandelier was embellished with a pendant ring and the same was done for the low pastoral decorative elements, which also have the peculiarity of being reversed, just like the high pastoral elements.

By observing the pictures, it is possible to note the amazing final result: a majestic chandelier, characterised by clean and flawless shapes. We would like to invite you to admire these lighting products inside the new municipal theatre in Crotone, which is about to be inaugurated.

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