Contract lighting for the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel in Cyprus

When Four Seasons Hotel® are mentioned, one imagines the prestige and luxury standards that are always associated to the name of this exclusive hotel chain with more than 100 hotels and resorts around the world. Hydiscus by MULTIFORME® was born with the aim of maintaining the standards and needs of elegance and exclusivity characterising the new Cyprus Four Seasons Hotel®, in Limassol, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

A large chandelier located in such a prestigious environment must leave aside the concept of mere lighting and becoming an artistic, architectural installation of both emotional and scenic impact. The final lighting effect, as well as the expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship and creativity, emerge and are at their highest level.

Hydiscus was especially designed on customer’s request as a decorative Murano chandelier for the dinner / buffet area of the tourist complex. Its evocative light reflections aim to recall warm and colourful tropical atmospheres in order to transmit lively and cheerful vibrations both with the lights on and off.

The shapes chosen to better satisfy this lighting design, were those of aquatic plants. MULTIFORME® already used and developed these elements in other collections.

This contract lighting product handcrafted for the luxury hotel is a unique piece, just like the exclusive shapes and wavy edges of each handmade glass disc composing the structure. The seemingly random placement of the discs gives life to a creative reflections’ effect, produced by the light striking the coloured glass surfaces. The final result is unique.

The chandelier is composed of a mirrored, stainless steel supermirror structure where dozens of blown artistic glass discs hang. More than 400 yellow, red and crystal discs, as well as mouth-blown, drop-shaped pendants were handcrafted. As for the light, we chose to use the latest generation LED lights.

In this project Hydiscus has the following dimensions: Width 2900 mm / Height 1100 mm / Depth 1000 mm

The idea and design of this exclusive chandelier were developed starting from the request of the client (the Four Sesons Hotel®), together with Petros Pieros, our lighting partner based on Cyprus island. Since 1963, the cypriot company deals with lighting decor projects of the most sought-after environments in the Mediterranean panorama.

Born from this bespoke lighting project, the modern Hydiscus chandelier will become a collection for the new catalogue, with other dimensional and chromatic variants.

For further information or requests on this MULTIFORME® decorative lighting product, please contact us on our contact page.

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