Custom chandeliers in Murano glass for the living area

To enhance the minimal and rigorous furnishings of the living area of this spacious and bright environment inside a 90s villa on the outskirts of Milan, listening and respecting the customer’s needs, working side by side with the Moca Design studio, MULTIFORME® has created, inside its own furnace and on design, custom chandeliers in Murano glass.

Like many, among our creations of custom chandeliers the style is contemporary, but in this case in addition there is a retro taste. The glass craftsmanship of this cascade of glass bubbles, blown by hand by the master glassmaker, in the shades of dove gray and delicately golden finishing thanks to the inclusion of micro fragments of golden leaf during the blowing phase, has been specially designed to dress the living area of this 90s villa. The presence of a very high ceiling and moreover made in mainsail material, did not leave any doubt on the necessity to create custom chandeliers. The 8 blown glass bubbles of different sizes and placed at different heights immediately seemed the right solution to enliven the rigorously designed interior of this wide room enhancing its elegance.

The contemporary Murano glass chandelier is at the same time contemporary and retro recalling some suspension from the 50s. It appears absolutely ethereal during the day, but at the same time it stands out thanks to the graphic sign also in the choice of black fabric threads and in the metal parts in a pale bronze shade. When turned on, the scenic effect is truly splendid because the glass craftsmanship of the golden details in the glass bubbles, shines with the light and creates a pleasant luminous atmosphere.

The possibility to choose all the details in addition to the glass craftsmanship, that characterizes MULTIFORME®, has allowed the designer to perfectly adapt, without limitations of any kind, the luminous creations to the interior design project and to the client’s aesthetic expectations with great satisfaction by both parties, for the decorative result achieved.

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