luxury crystal chandeliers

A collection created by Multiforme dedicated to the preciousness of crystal chandeliers: suspensions, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and luxury chandeliers with an elegant and refined design.

A magic made of charm and refractions of light, born of meticulous craftsmanship. All the chandeliers of the Crystal collection take shape thanks to manual work, assembling selected high-quality crystals. The most commonly used elements for Multiforme creations include Venetian glass, cut crystal, Asfour and Strass.

From gold to chrome, precious materials and finishes in the metal structures accompany the brilliance of the crystals.

The Crystal chandelier collection proposes a pure and essential lighting style, combining the simplicity and rigour of forms with the precious richness of crystal elements, for a timeless and classic crystal chandelier.


All models are fully customisable in terms of finishes, dimensions, shapes and colours. They adapt perfectly to the furnishing of residential or public spaces, allowing you to play with surfaces and volumes with infinite luminous reverberations and great expressive capacity with a scenographic effect, such as our crystal pendant lights.


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.

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