Design chandeliers for kitchen and living room in a flat in Moscow.

The furniture and the lighting for this flat were selected by design bureau Desart Decor who accurately chose the chandeliers among the collection Progressive and Timeless by MULTIFORME® lighting, in order to enhance the furniture of this apartment.

The flat is very comfortable, with refined furniture in the shades of black, green and brown. The design chandelier for the kitchen and for the dining table chosen by the designer, does not only decorate creating a pleasant atmosphere, but it also lights up properly this important area of the flat.

The contemporary chandelier and the suspension lamps of the Dancer collection used for this project are in grey glass, with golden crystals and golden fixture.

Dancer is a cascade of glass elements: thin glass foils, drop-shaped elements and strass crystals, glass elements give volume to this lighting product, entirely hand-made. The suspension lamp belongs to the collection Progressive, which gathers contemporary, glass chandeliers of design by MULTIFORME®.

The living room is characterised by classical style and the main colours are light grey and white. For this room, the designer chose Palladium chandeliers with 9 and 12 arms in gold metal finishing and clear body with lampshades in white plissé fabric.

Palladium is realized in free hand-blown glass, and it is characterized by the simplicity of its soft forms and for the suffused light guaranteed by the lampshades.

This chandelier belongs to the Timeless collection which gathers all the classical Venetian chandeliers and that represents huge lighting products, even multilevel, with a wide possibility of customization in terms of glass colour, metal finishing of the fixture and of the handcrafted lampshades.

These MULTIFORME® chandeliers, are characterized by a classical, but at the same time contemporary style and also for this project, they perfectly suit and give the right value to the surrounding space. The many possibilities of customization allow high-profile designers, such as Desart Decor, to express their imagination and to create unique and exclusive spaces.

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