Modern chandelier with artistic glass strips.

The artistic glass ceiling light Polaris is a lighting solution that well suits different types of envinroments. Thanks to its simple structure, easy to assemble and highly customizable, this lighting work is the ideal solution for hotel lighting and can be realised in many other shapes and dimensions.

Polaris is an original and evocative lighting work, it is characterized by a design of great impact. The ceiling structure is decorated with a series of artistic glass listels of different lenghts and with irregular borders, that resemble crystallized water or stalactites.

The quality of this lighting creation, just like all other MULTIFORME products, does not only lie in the aesthetic and artisanal quality of the glass part but also in the value of the metallic parts. Moreover, this lighting work has been designed with the aim of simplifying the assembling and the maintenance. 


unusual and striking chandelier design with light structure and easy installation

In the catalogue we suggest Polaris in crystal listels and brushed nickel finishings, but on request, the glass pendants and the metal structure can be realised in any colour, choosing from the vast MULTIFORME colour range.

Polaris can also be easily customized in different formats and dimensions. There are many possible structures, that is why this ceiling light can also be created in big formats. Polaris represents the ideal lighting solution to decorate hotel halls, conference rooms and other public buildings. In any case, it can also be easily resized in smaller formats so that it can adapt to private envinroments.


All our lighting products are available in different colours, sizes and completely customizable


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.
Choose the colour and workmanship of the glass, the fabrics, the metal finishes, the dimensions of your project. Each product is fully customisable.

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