Design lamp contrappunto

The design lamp Contrappunto is one of our lamps in the progressive catalogue that is inspired from the classic venetian tradition.

Traditional are the black plissè silk lampshades and the grey glass arms; while unusual and more modern is the assembly of these elements, that have been fixed to a rectangular chrome structure. The resulting lighting work is a delicate, linear and clean lamp, whose elements are perfectly symmetrical; the sole movement is given by the sinuous line of the arms.

A contemporary lighting work whose elements seem extremely simple, but that have been manufactured by skilled and experienced masters glass-worker. The attention to details, the precision of the alignments and symmetries are paramount to create a lamp like this one. Thanks to its shapes and materials, this is an extremely refined lighting work, perfect to decorate sophisticated spaces.

The linearity and simplicity of the metal structure is combined with the delicate and sinuous glass elements; the light bulbs are covered with the plissè fabric lampshades, thus creating a suffused and natural lighting. Contrappunto can be realised in many different sizes, to suit spaces of different dimensions.


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