Big chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style for Giusti wine estate

Giusti Wine was founded in 2004 by Ermenegildo Giusti, an entrepreneur from Treviso at the head of an industrial group in Canada, but with a great passion for viticulture transmitted to him by his father and also by his wife Maria Vittoria’s family. It is located on Montello, a unique hilly area, surrounded by the bed of the Piave river. From the first vineyard in 2006, a massive investment plan followed which led to an ownership area of 100 hectares at the beginning of 2016, divided into ten distinct estates, located in the Montello and along the alluvial plain of the Piave on the right in the municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia. The projects and restorations of the various estates have been cured by the Designer and Architect Guizzo Armando.

Giusti wine estate

Giusti wine estate is the main site and has its origins in a rural village at the end of the 19th century within the confluence of the Rosalia and Rolando estates, nestled among vineyards and mulberry trees.The main entrance leading to the courtyard continues through the arcade, frescoed by the painter Sergio Favotto. Above the reception desk stands out for the brilliance of the various Venetian glass elements and the crystal decorations that compose it, a large artistic chandelier in Maria Teresa‘s style. This luxury chandelier, definable as a jewel chandelier, is a great classic of European glass and crystal lighting. It owes its name to the empress of Austria, who was fascinated by the chandeliers born from the collaboration between Bohemian artisans and masters of Murano glass. A luxury chandelier, a work of light with an antique flavor, which thanks to its magnificence allows it to be inserted in a minimal environment, giving character thanks to an original combination of styles.

Going upstairs we reach the VIP room where right in the center is installed a luxury chandelier, one of the most precious pieces among our chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style the “Villa Borghese” collection, inspired by the big artistic chandeliers of the ‘700 Venetian period. Crystal-blown by hand with golden leaf elements, this chandelier is inspired by the splendor of the great Italian noble families and the classic beauty of their palaces; it is rich in details and delicate decorations such as the floral elements looking like a hand, the hot applications and the double-thorn leaves; cleverly inserted in this room it emphasizes the elegance. The environment is bright and welcoming, not only for the big artistic chandelier installed, but also thanks to the warm colors of the golden frescoes on the walls, to the light wooden floors, to the ceiling with exposed beams; the comfortable white chairs and sofas that invite you to sit and sip a good glass of wine and enjoy the surrounding landscape characterized by lush hills.

Abbazia Estate

The Abbazia Estate extends to the shadow of the Abbey of S.Eustachio, and is a remarkable property, in which the communion between nature and spirituality is not only perceived, but is lived immersed in the vineyards and chestnut trees. The big Chandelier in classic and rezzonico style Caesar in crystal color is made with glass elements called “bossole”, inserted one by one on the metal structure of the arms and of the central body, called “gabbia”. Then there are multiple decorative elements added to the structure to give it all the features of a luxury chandelier, harmoniously distributed so as not to burden the structure itself and to give grace to the entire composition: gardens, pinnacles, cornucopias, crests and decorative “gabbie”. Located in the small room that precedes the big breakfast room, thanks to the glossy white spatula ceiling and the Venetian terrace floor in light colors, this work of artisan light is rich in handmade details.

The breakfast room is a real cuddle, a sweet awakening of scents, flavors and colors.The big luxury chandelier custom made in rezzonico style with 12 lights in crystal color, with an oval shape, is also called “barchetta” because of its shape which reminds of a boat and is one of the most fascinating and elaborate architectures among the chandeliers in classic Rezzonico style. Of great impact it is rich of many elements, it presents 2 “gardens” with many flowers and tall and low leaves. This Big artistic chandelier in Murano glass looks light and well designed as if it were two-dimensional.

Maria Vittoria Estate

Embedded between steep sides that create a green crescent, the Maria Vittoria Estate, so named in honor of the wife of Dr. Ermenegildo Giusti, offers relax and every comfort. As soon as you enter, you can’t notice the big luxury chandelier Sherazade in golden crystal for the atmosphere that it creates from “A Thousand and One Nights”: in Murano glass it is rich in handmade details and presents a huge decorative structure and a truly unique architecture. It is a living, unique and surprising work with the hand-blown Rezzonico style arms in Murano glass that curl up to form a ring, enlivening the space in which they are placed. At the end of the arms not only find space the lights, but also rich decorative stages, called “triumphs”; each triumph is in turn embellished with small works of art: flowers, leaves, pendants and lamp holders delicately shaped by the hands of our masters. The preciousness of the decorative elements is underlined by the refined “cutting” and confirmed by the gold coloration, obtained using real 24K gold, as well as the internal metal structure, which can be seen through the transparency of the glass. Sherazade as well as Villa Borghese and Caesar that belong to MULTIFORME®‘s Timeless collection is a big chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style; here it is installed in the center of the room on the ground floor and is surrounded by walls with frescos of the neightbour hills. Between the internal and external space a continuity is created until the walls disappear and we find ourselves by magic immersed in the green.

Going upstairs we reach the first floor, where we find installed on the walls 3-lights sconces belogning to the Sherazade collection that well emphasize the luxury of this collection of chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style.

On the first floor, once entered, there is a large dining room and then the bedrooms. In the dining room we find ourselves surrounded by an environment with cured details, joyful, welcoming, the colors are warm in the shades of gold, green, blue and brown. All around the frescoes tell of a family picnic in the open air; a moment of true life, a light lunch where sharing good food the people converses light-hearted and relax themself. Here the big chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style Sherazade in crystal / gold colors is positioned in the center above a long oval dining table. The movement of its horn arms and the richness of its many floral elements blend well with this room filling the space.

All the light works by MULTIFORME® lighting are completely customizable and can be personalised from colors to finishes. In this project, the big artistic chandelier Maria Teresa, the chandeliers in classic and rezzonico style Villa Borghese, Caesar and the luxury chandelier Sherazade from the Timeless collection were chosen with care and attention, with the intention of being part of a harmonious design project, so as to capture the real light in their elements in blown and handmade Murano glass and emphasize the deep soul of each environment.

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