Modern and classic chandeliers in handblown Murano glass in St Petersburg

This flat is part of a complex called Novaya Zvezda and is located in a residential area of St. Petersburg in Pesochhaya Haberej Naya. The ambitious project called “La Dolce Vita” intends to renovate this flat inside this old building which is characterized by large rooms and carries the signature of one of the most renowned Russian interior designers: the architect Dmitriy Mudrogelenko of the (DZ)M Design studio.

The environment presents a minimal and precious style with wallpapers that reflect the shapes present in nature and the mirrors that make the spaces even wider. The furnishings are strictly Made in Italy, finely produced and in the shades of gold, white, cream and moka. This harmony of colors is also reflected in the choice of the Murano glass chandelier above the kitchen table and the wall lamps.

The Absolute chandelier used for this project is in amber glass and gathers a series of ancient artisan blown glass works: pulegoso, rigadin and balloton. Fine workmanship that creates a play of light and a relaxing atmosphere. The reflections and asymmetries characterise also the Planet wall lamp in clear glass and white organza lampshade.

The artistic wall lamp Planet, has been chosen also for the entrance and has been positioned next to a round-shaped mirror, but this time the color is amber which immediately warms up the refined and delicate tones of this space.

The living area has large windows overlooking the park. There is a continuity between outer and inner spaces; a sense of tranquility and well-being invades the room thanks to the moss-green sofa and the choice of accessories in different shades of gray. In addition to the Planet amber wall lamp, a touch of color and a certain movement is given by the Atmosfera luxury floor lamp of the collezione Progressive collection characterised by handblown, hand-shaped glass spheres, realised using the filigrana technique, with silver leaf and ‘murrine’. The same lamp is present on the ceiling, but in the white color version.

The luxury, classic style, 6 lights Tresor chandelier and wall lamps belonging to the collection Timeless embellish the bedroom characterized by custom-made furniture. The smooth, smoky-colored hand-blown glass is embellished with large Swarovski crystal elements that, together with the polished metal structure, create a refined visual game and a lively game of transparencies, colors and luminous refractions.

The wide range of luxury chandeliers in blown Murano glass produced by MULTIFORME® is able to satisfy the most demanding customers and the most attentive designers such as (DZ)M Design and enhance any environment by creating the right atmosphere.

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