Luxury Murano chandeliers for private villa in Franciacorta

Immersed in the green and lush hills characterized by ancient and various vines with Mediterranean vegetation not far from Iseo lake, this private villa in Franciacorta really enjoys an enchanting position. The whole area has an agricultural and wine-making vocation and the rural society has been deeply linked over the centuries to the influence of monastic institutions. The client chose a series of luxury Murano chandeliers for his villa: the residential building is set on 2 floors. On the ground floor on the right side there is the living room and the dining room while on the left the kitchen. Going up the stairs, on the first floor we find the sleeping rooms and the bathrooms.

The 18 lights Temptation chandelier from the Progressive of MULTIFORME®, is a modern reworking of the most classic Murano luxury chandeliers: the Ca’ Rezzonico. It is a collection of artistic glasses that evokes organic forms and natural movements. The arms end with large cups surrounded by a wavy corolla.

This transparent gray, blown glass chandelier fits well in this context, highlighting the gray, black, brown and white Venetian Terrazzo floor and the gray marble with white veins on the door jambs and enhancing the Venetian mirrors.

The Villa borghese classic chandelier is another of our luxury Murano chandeliers in Cà Rezzonico style inspired by the splendor of noble houses. The decorations are characterized by floral hand-shaped elements, hot applications and “double plug” leaves. Also inspired by tradition are the colors, pure gold and clear glass, and its oval shape allows it to be placed in rectangular rooms, making it light and well proportioned: the traditional cage of Ca ‘Rezzonico luxury Murano chandeliers almost totally loses its mass and it appears as if it were a two-dimensional surface; the arms branch out through light scrolls that, with a dialogue between full and empty, merge with the surrounding space, enhancing the precious inlaid walnut furniture, Sicilian porcelain, straw-colored cotton curtains.

Accadueo with 6 lights is a Venetian chandelier with an organic design, inspired by the morphologies of nature. The shape of the calla cups and the details evoke the fluid movement of the water as a vital element. With elegance it furnishes the kitchen environment, where the style is minimal and the predominant color is white, while the warm color is given by the orange, yellow and green motifs on the curtains.

V-classic 800 contains all the elements, shapes and structures typical of Murano and Venetian glass. It is in white color while the details of flowers, leaves, ridges and ‘morrise’ are gold. The composition creates a prestigious lighting system, ideal to bring new elegance to the bedroom with essential but sophisticated and chic furnishings.

Golden Century is an evergreen among our luxury Murano chandeliers, a work of rich, sumptuous and romantic light. Made in clear and gold color, it presents floral decorations, pendants, cups and glass leaves. This chandelier makes us dream and takes us back in time to the halls of the great Venetian palaces overlooking the Grand Canal.

Another project that shows how the wide selection of classic e contemporary Murano chandeliers from MULTIFORME® can satisfy all types of customers and respect styles, contributing to the creation of unique and exclusive environments.

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