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  • Tourbillon

    Tourbillon is a chandelier characterised by an original style and organic, fluid shapes.

  • Tourbillon

    This chandelier is the ideal solution to decorate both public and private spaces.

  • Tourbillon

    A blown glass sphere, positioned at the centre of the composition, substitutes the central column.

  1. Tourbillon
  2. Tourbillon
  3. Tourbillon


The Murano contemporary chandelier Tourbillon is characterised by a modern style and by organic and fluid shapes. It represents a new way of conceiving the Murano glass chandelier: Tourbillon isn’t like the traditional Murano style chandelier, it has a modern design which is projected to the future.

Large and dynamic tentacles fill up the space around the central column; a large blown glass sphere is the centre of the structure, all the composition is developed around it. The only elements that stands out from the other organic glass shapes are the cylindrical handmade lampshades in fabric.

In our catalogue this item is suggested in a dark amber shade but it can be realised also in many other colours, on customer request. Tourbillon is the ideal solution to decorate any type of space, in particular to give character to conference rooms, hotel halls and many other public environments.

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