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Angelika Barzilay Barzileye MULTIFORME

My Italian ancestors were the inspiration for the name: "Barzileye". The Barzilays were a Sephardic Jewish family from Venice who, at the close of the 18th Century, settled in the Jordaan quarter of Amsterdam. They were cigar traders.

The meaning of the word,Barzilay is: ‘iron strong’. Fortified by the powerful meaning and in honour of family roots, I plucked up the courage to start my own business. In order to add a personal touch, Barzilay became: Barzileye.

I am a Dutch multidisciplinary designer and interior architect with a strong focus on interior architecture, concept development and graphic design.

I have been working in the field for 15 years and have accumulated broad experience and proven expertise in varying facets of the design process –sketching skills to technical and 3D drawings.

‘Memory’ plays a significant role in my work. My approach begins with triggered memory. I then proceed to rethink, reproduce and re-clothe the images evoked. Technology and contemporary innovation come into play. Vintage and modern, the artisan and the technician make for a marriage that continues to captivate, comfort, and connect: a metamorphosis of the past into the present, and the present heralding the future.

Highly motivated to dispense with any sense of alienation, my aim is to breathe life into and energise that which seems to be lost. Whether in a home or work environment, people must feel comfortable and have a sense of recognition. My interiors create ease, warmth and security. I am always aware that human beings occupy the spaces.

My contribution is to get to the core of each individual space, to feel the essence. I endeavour to deliver designs that are authentic. Particular attention is paid and time spent in gathering all the ingredients that lead to a sense of magic when one enters a space.


OXI MULTIFORME® by Barzileye

OXI is a collection of modern design suspension lamps. This lighting creations are characterised by a captivating design created in cooperation with Angelika Barzilay, which is able to confer creativity and a fantastic artistic touch to any envinroment. OXI is composed of a single element in blown glass characterised by a round, slightly elongated and dented form, inside which is included the light source. The soffused light homogeneously spread through the glass element.

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