Large chandeliers

Bold yet versatile trend

Large chandeliers not only have the function of illuminating a room but are decorative elements that make an important contribution to characterizing the environment in which they are placed. In fact, these are tools that provide diffused and homogeneous lighting and therefore can be easily inserted in domestic contexts as well as in public places such as restaurants, hotels, theaters or bars where the right ambient lighting intensity is essential.

Depending on design, shape and colour, each large chandelier is a work of art which hang from the ceiling, capable of enhancing both a modern context and a classic setting. In fact, combined with other lighting elements such as floor lamps, table lamps and flambeaux, pendant chandeliers contribute to visual comfort and to characterize the style of the spaces with the strength of a design piece of furniture.

Certainly, discriminating factors in choosing a large-sized light source are high ceilings, such as a stairwell or a spacious hall.

It is in these contexts that large chandeliers give the maximum contribution to the style of the room, giving life to bold and surprising works with an innate taste.

How to choose the size of the chandelier?

In order not to make mistakes when choosing the size of the chandelier, it is important to evaluate practical aspects such as:

•  The type of environment in which it will be installed
•  The need for lighting in the environment in which it will be installed
•  The size of the environment to be illuminated

Especially with regard to large chandeliers, the combination of these three elements is essential to achieve the right balance between volumes and lighting and thus create the desired setting.

Furthermore, if we consider a large classic Venetian chandelier, it also has the chain to take into account when choosing height and diameter. Generally speaking, this kind of chandelier fits perfectly in environments with high ceilings such as theater and hotel lobbies, palaces, restaurants, halls and residential environments.

Choosing the ideal chandelier is therefore a balancing act that only experts can help you do best.

Large chandelier projects by Multiforme

Multiforme has always been ready to give light to the dreams of its customers, whether they are private individuals, interior designers or lighting specialist. We work alongside them to give glass the shape of their ideas and thus create ever new, unique and exclusive solutions. Following, are some of the most important projects that have seen us protagonists in recent years.

An example is The LOB, a design project by Leo de Carlo that takes shape thanks to Multiforme and which was presented during the Venice Design Week in 2022. Another example is Cosmic Flaming Frida, a work born in our laboratory with the creative contribution of international artist Bradley Theodore and which is part of Artemest’s BLOW Collection.

Large size classic Venetian chandeliers

Venetian glass art reached its maximum splendor with the classic Murano chandelier, known as Ca’ Rezzonico, and which still today continues to be chosen and appreciated all over the world. The elegance and charm of this large chandelier is often combined with the bright colors of the glass paste used by the master glassmakers for its creation.

There are many chandeliers in the classic Venetian style by Multiforme in the world, but one of the projects we are most proud of is the prestigious Palazzo Doria d’Angri in Naples by the architect Vanvitelli, for which we have created unique pieces in the Rezzonico style.

Murano glass chandeliers of huge dimensions

Some locations require tailor-made solutions in which the concept of large chandelier takes on bold meanings that require unparalleled experience and technical knowledge. Projects in which we have ventured by bringing our know-how in glass art and which furnish various places around the world. Examples of huge size chandelier installations we have worked on are:
•  The nineteenth-century drop chandelier with a diameter of 5 meters of the Galli Theater in Rimini;
•  The 11-metre floral chandelier with 120 lights for a Korean client in Seoul;
•  The huge oval crystal chandelier commissioned by a Russian public office;
•  The 12-metre diameter ring chandelier installed in an airport lobby in Dubai.
All these large chandelier installations are unique and unrepeatable, because they have been specifically designed by Multiforme for each of the locations in which they are installed. If you are looking for a Made in Italy chandelier to furnish your rooms or if you want to give life to your custom handcrafted chandelier, contact us and we will give shape to your ideas.