Murano glass sculptures

The Murano glass sculptures Blocchi are a series of original artistic glass works, that well express the creativity of the master glass-worker. These sculptures are decorated with fascinating abstract motifs, the shapes and colours are trapped inside a square block.

Glass canes, murrine, filigrane are combined together to create unexpected, colourful patterns. Thanks to the thickness of the block, the decorations takes on a three-dimensional value that contributes to the fascination of these works of art.

Blocchi includes the most innovative works in our Objects catalogue, they are manufactured using an ancient technique, only recently revalued: the glass fusing. Once manufactures, the blocks are polished using a grindstone, this allows to obtain an extremely shiny surface.

Blocchi have a high decorative impact, and they are also versatile objects. They are available in various sizes, and they can be widely customised on request.

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