Artistic blown glass chandelier

The artistic blown glass chandelier Pasternack is handcrafted using a particular technique called “balloton” (used to create a peculiar texture on the glass) , while the texture of the coils and the arms is the “rigadin ritorto” (blown glass with twisted ribs).

The pendant elements and the lead crystal chains, tone on tone or transparent, decorate the chandelier. This collection is available in delicate colours, such as the smoky straw, grey and mocha. The high quality, the pureness of the crystal and the accurate polishing of the metal details create countless reflections. 

This chandelier harks back to the style typical of the second half of the XIXth venetian chandeliers, which has been spread in Europe and Russia, becoming an international style. This chandeliers stand out thanks for their extremely rich decorations, made of multifaceted crystals, octagons and pendant elements.

These elements, veritable jewels, used to decorate monumental chandeliers. With the artistic blown glass chandelier Pasternak we simplify the XIXth tradition, since we use more linear and essential shapes, but without sacrificing the original purpose, which is to create a jewel-like chandelier. It is possible to manufacture this chandelier also in a bigger size and with a greater number of lights.


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