Chandeliers collection

The peculiar characteristic of this tiny lighting work is the richness of its decorations. The Galliano chandeliers collection is a jewel among the Murano artistic works included in our catalogue Timeless.

Galliano is our tribute to the authentic Murano glass tradition, which has become famous thanks to the masters glass-worker. Despite its little size, Galliano requires an extremely complex and slow manufacturing, that only our skilled masters can carry out. This is truly a jewel-like chandelier, a unique combination of decorative and structural elements.

The surface presents different textures: the cups and the spherical elements on the stem has a “ballotton” texture (a texture that is similar to a grid), the arms and the decorative elements that surround the stem have a “rigamenà” texture (a twisted ribbed texture).

A multitude of decorations covers the whole structure: “morise” and “morelline”, pendant elements, flower and leaves, etc. All this decorations have been handcrafted by our skilled masters.

The coloration is done using three colours, that exalt the peculiar decoration of the chandelier. Galliano is a collection of chandeliers designed for those who doesn’t want to renounce to the richness and beauty of the venetian glass decorations.

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